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Frequently asked questions answers about the plan of life and salvation and the basic principles of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Using the Plan of Salvation as an outline, Clay takes the reader on the journey from his pre-mortal birth in the spirit world to his ultimate destination as an exalted being in the celestial kingdom of God. Click here for more.


Well, here it is -- a wonderful collection of questions answered by a true gospel scholar. Witty, fun, informative, inspiring - a great gift for anyone. "Ask Gramps" started as an effort to communicate with my grandchildren via the Internet and answer their doctrinal questions. It was soon picked up by Mormon Town and quickly became a favorite. Click here for more. Click here to purchase from "LatterDayLight Books & More".


The ask Gramps phenomenon has swept LDS Internet circles with tens of thousands of readers, gone on to become a best-selling book, and now is poised to become a series. In his typical direct, easy-to-understand style, H. Clay Gorton, aka Gramps, fields another 101 questions from his readers in this Volume 2. Click here for more. Click here to purchase from "LatterDayLight Books & More".


A few years ago, when experimenting with the Internet as a communication devise was just maturing, H. Clay Gorton began fielding gospel questions from his teenage grandchildren and answering them by email. The method was inexpensive and narrowed the distance between family members. But, the correspondence soon spread to others and the Ask Gramps column became a regular feature on several LDS web sites. Now, Gramps has come full circle back to his roots - answering the questions of teens. Click here for more. Click here to purchase from "LatterDayLight Books & More".


Chiasmus is a literary form which is used extensively in the Bible. The structure of the chiasmus comprises sets of identical or related words, phrases or concepts; the second set is a repetition of the first, but it is used in inverse order, as A,B - B,A. Matthew 19:30 contains a well-known chiasmus: But many that are the first shall be last; and the last shall be first. Many chiasma are extensive and involve a central theme as well as numerous layers of related sets. Click here for more.


The Legacy of the Brass Plates of Laban is an in-depth study of the differences between the Book of Mormon and King James Bible Isaiahs. Seventeen of the 20 Book of Mormon Isaiah chapters are from Joseph Smith's translation of the actual copy that Nephi made directly from the Brass Plates of Laban. The other three chapters were from Mormon's abridgement of the words of Abinadi (Mosiah 14) and from the words of the Savior (3 Nephi 2 and 22). Click here for more.


A New Witness for Christ - Chiastic Structures in the Book of Mormon is an essential tool for scripture study - one which deserves a place in the basic library of every LDS gospel scholar. It also constitutes a powerful challenge to anti-Mormon critics, who must now provide a rational explanation for the existence of the great quantities of identified chiasma in the Book of Mormon and in the Doctrine and Covenants, if they deny the divine origin of those sacred scriptures. Click here for more. Click here to purchase from "LatterDayLight Books & More".