ask Gramps, Vol 2

The ask Gramps phenomenon has swept LDS internet circles with tens of thousands of readers worldwide. In his typical direct, easy-to-understand style, H. Clay Gorton - Gramps - fields another 101 questions from his readers. That devoted readership is worldwide, thanks to the internet. Beyond his adult audience, Gramps has also become a favorite with teens. Columns to both audiences are regular features at LDS Living. Having served as bishop, stake president, mission president and MTC president, Gramps is more than qualified, drawing people to the scriptures, the prophets, and carefully guiding questioners to sublime truths.

Is Decaf against the Word of Wisdom?

What happened to the Ark of the Covenant?

Why do we say "Amen" after a prayer or talk?

Where does the spirit go after it leaves the body?

Are interracial marriages acceptable?

Did dinosaurs live in the time of Adam and Eve?

How can I keep from losing my temper?

"Thank you. Life is still quite hard, but I will get through. Your advice is great, something I have not thought of. Now I can work on a solution."

"I love the way you can take what seems like a difficult subject and make the solution sound so simple - as if a light bulb were being turned on!"

"Wow, thanks so much. I will give this to my wife and with time and faith I am sure she will see what needs to happen for our eternal exaltation. Your explanation is the most clear I've received."

"How do you do it? Are you real? Where do you find the answers? Wow!"

"I purchased your book as a father's day gift for my son to give to me!"

"I like your column because you answer those little weird, niggling questions at the back of my mind that never really got cleared up. Those are the questions that cause me to doubt, to misunderstand and to hold back because I don't know the truth about them. THANK YOU!"

Enjoy his wonderful new volume. Collect them all. ask Gramps provides a unique format for quick information on questions that we all have wondered about. In the words of one reader, "You are a gold mine!"

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