ask Gramps for Teens

A few years ago, when experimenting with the internet as a communication devise was just maturing, H. Clay Gorton began fielding questions from his teenage grandchildren and answering them by email. The method was inexpensive and narrowed the distance between family members. But, the correspondence soon spread to others and the ask Gramps column became a regular feature on several LDS web sites, most recently on LDS Living. A book followed, then another. Now, Gramps is read by tens of thousands of people. His books are best-sellers, and this volume, especially for teens, covers questions that really are on the minds of LDS young people. Gramps has come full circle back to his roots, answering the questions of teens.

Why would God pay any attention to me?

Do the scriptures tell us that we should not do body piercing?

What is the Celestial Kingdom like?

Who will save America?

Do dark clothes make you look thinner?

Why should I bother with an education when the world is as bad off as it is?

Where did everything start, and who was the first Heavenly Father?

Do you agree with the elaborate and costly preparations for formal high school dances?

Did we choose our mates while we were yet in the pre-mortal spirit world?

Is it that bad to have unclean thoughts about your boyfriend?

How can I best prepare for a mission?

Do plants have spirits, and if so, do they also have feelings?

How can I get rid of a pernicious habit?

How can I tell a friend that he has a hygiene problem?

Why can't we see spirits?

How can I best share the gospel with a friend?

When did the millennium really begin?

Why does the lord allow people to hurt little children?

Am I an unworthy person because I don't seem to have spiritual experiences?

Is it a sin to tell just a little white lie?

What is the Church's position on evolution?

Was Jesus married?

Are UFO's real?

Well, teens, this book is just for you. You'll love it! In the words of one reader, "Yours was the best answer I have ever heard on this subject!"

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