Man's Eternity

Frequently asked questions and answers about the plan of life and salvation and the basic principles of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Using the Plan of Salvation as an outline, Clay Gorton - author of the popular ASK GRAMPS series -- takes the reader on the journey from his pre-mortal birth in the spirit world and its essential activities, to mortality, to the post-mortal spirit world, to his life on earth during the millennium and finally to his ultimate destination as an exalted being in the celestial kingdom of God. Questions, misunderstood concepts, clarifications, insights and answers fill the text so that all can benefit: old or young, mature Church member or new convert.

What was life like as an intelligence?

What were the circumstances of our spirit's birth?

What were the conditions of the pre-existence?

Why is this mortal experience so important?

What are the doctrines of salvation?

What is our future?

The sign posts of our journey include the essential ordinances and covenants of the gospel of Jesus Christ and our guide is Lord Jesus Christ. But what is the doctrine of salvation? This book offers a concise view of the plan of salvation and will serve to increase the faith and confirm the testimonies of all that read it. As a "BONUS" item, Gorton includes as an Appendix a powerful treatise of the differences between telestial and terrestrial knowledge and laws. This treatise demonstrates the fundamental difference between God’s laws and the laws of man.


Following the publishing of a successful internet column called "ask Gramps," in which I fielded literally thousands of questions on gospel topics from curious correspondents around the globe, one theme seemed to surface over and over again - a clear and succinct understanding of the plan of life and salvation. Many people stumble on these most basic issues, the ones upon which faith is founded. Appreciating man's eternal identity and journey - the nature of God, the pre-mortal spirit world, mortality, the post mortal spirit world, the second coming of the Savior, the Millennium and the final three degrees of glory - is not just a quest for trivial knowledge; it is vital information for survival and progress in this mortal world.

I added three addenda for those who like to dig deeper. The first is an article entitled "The Transitory Nature of Telestial Knowledge," which puts in perspective the relative merits of scientific and revealed truth with the hope that the validity of scientific knowledge will be judged by the standard of revealed truth, rather than judging revealed religion by the standard of scientific knowledge.

Two other articles illuminate the heavy Hebraic characteristics of the language found in the revelations of the Doctrine and Covenants. A detailed exposition of the Hebraisms found in Sections 45 and 76, as typical of the language of the Doctrine and Covenants, is given to demonstrate that this volume could never have originated from the mind of an early 19th century unschooled youth. The sophisticated literary structure of these revelations, couched in the phraseology of biblical Hebrew, demands the recognition of Divine authorship, with the Prophet Joseph Smith acting as the scribe of the Lord in revealing the revelations to the world.

- The Author