H. Clay Gorton - Mission Journal, Argintine Mission

July 1947 - January 1949

5 July, 1946, Montevideo, Uruguay—Entered mission home in Salt Lake City, May 20. Ordained to the office of Seventy, May 27 under the hands of Milton R. Hunter. Line of authority is from Elder Hunter to Rulon S. Wells, to Brigham Young, to Olive Cowdery, David Whitmer and Martin Harris, to Joseph Smith, Sidney Rigdon and Frederick G. Williams (D&C 18:37) to Peter, James and John, to the Lord, Jesus Christ (John 15:16). Set apart as missionary May 28, by Milton R. Hunter of the First Seven Presidents of the Seventy. Departed Salt Lake 28 May for New York. Appointed leader of group of eight Argentine and three Brazilian missionaries. Arrived New York 31 May. Experienced difficulty obtaining visas from Argentine Consulate. Employed services of Clyde D. Sandgren, Lawyer, Queens Ward, and President Bennion, New York Stake, and required two phone calls to Salt Lake City. Obtained visas over opposition believed to have been influence by Catholic Church on 4 June. Sailed from New York on 5 June on Argentine freighter, Rio Santa Cruz. Stopovers in Havana, Cuba; Port of Spain, Trinidad; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Montevideo, Uruguay. On board ship held morning group prayer at 8:00, religious discussion class 10:00 to 11:00AM and 4:00 to 5:00PM. Evening group prayer at 9:00PM. Sunday School, Sacrament and Testimony meetings Sundays.

8 July 1946, Buenos Aires, Argentina—Arrived in Buenos Aires Saturday, 6 July. Were met at boat by President W. Earnest Young and Elders Brady, Larsen and Barker, mission secretary. Sunday morning attended White Branch. Administered to Sacrament, reading sacramental prayer in Spanish. Sunday evening attended Flores Branch as guest of Elder Brady. Bore my testimony with Bro. Brady interpreting. Mailed Book of Mormon and Doctrine & Covenants to V. Grigorieff, in Rio de Janeiro.

1 July—Attended my first Elders meeting. 23 present. Two Elders absent. Gave report as group leader of journey to mission field. Each Elder present gave a short talk and testimony. Our group of eight new missionaries were assigned to their districts. Elder Allen B. Oliver and I were assigned to Saenz Peña Branch in Buenos Aires, under direction of Elder Marion Vance, president of the Florida Branch. Registered this morning with the American Embassy.

July 9, Argentine Independence Day—Enjoyed barbequed lamb and a basketball game in afternoon at church “club”. In evening attended party a Liniers Branch.

Thursday, 11 July—Was assigned as senior companion. Visited Saenz Peña “local” with Elder Oliver for first time. Met Señor Sanchez, his wife and two children who live in three of the four rooms of the local. Made arrangements to board with them.

Sunday 14 July—Friday visited local and cleaned room we are to live in. Saturday purchased bedding. Attended union meeting. Sunday morning attended Priesthood and Sacrament meetings. Administered to Sacrament, and read my testimony to the people–translated by Greta Shimcot. Had dinner at Brady’s and attended another union meeting and Church in the evening.

Monday, 15 July—Moved into the local in Saenz Peña. Spent evening playing basketball at the Club.

Tuesday, 16 July—Studied, attended English class and Mutual.

Wednesday, 17 July—Administered to Señora Rosa Martinez, mother of Rosita Martinez.

Sunday, 21 July—Saturday afternoon practiced basketball. Saturday night attended fiesta and the Church Club. Sunday morning attended Priesthood meeting and Sunday School. In the evening, genealogy and Sacrament meetings gave a short extemporaneous talk on importance of the Sacrament. Elder Vance interpreted.

Monday, 22 July—Studies language and gospel in morning. Visited the homes of five members and had supper at home of Bro. Gonzales. Attended choir practice in evening at Liniers Branch. Bro. and Sister Almirall, at whose home we visited this afternoon, entertained us by singing a few Spanish hymns. Bro. Almirall is 80 years old.

Tuesday, 23 July—Went tracting for first time today with Elders Hall and Oliver. Tracted one block and visited 15 homes. After finishing tracting dropped into a pharmacia to buy some ink and had the most interesting conversation of the day. Attended English class directed by Sister Rosita Martinez, and attended Mutual. Visitors to Mutual were Elder Shreeve and wife. Stott and Lawson washed our laundry today.

Wednesday, 24 July—I ironed seven shirts. Studied gospel and language. Attended Relief Society and mutual at Florida. Acted as organist at Relief society. In Mutual played a piano solo and sang in a quartet. President and Sister Young and eight missionaries attended.

Thursday 25 July—Studied religion and language in the morning. Attended Relief Society at Saenz Peña and accompanied the singing on the organ. Attended Mutual tonight at White Branch and had supper afterward with Elder Shreeve and his wife, and Elders Stott and Larsen. I find myself now with the ability to understand the spoken word in Spanish. My knowledge of the language will progress as I study. The Lord has now blessed me with all that is necessary to learn the language rapidly. If I am diligent in learning the meanings of these words, the knowledge of this language will be mine–an expression of the gift of tongues.

Friday, 26 July—Studied Spanish for four hours this morning. Elder Vance came over and gave us instruction. This afternoon Elders Vance, Oliver and myself visited four families–Boggans, Toths, Gabriels and one other. This evening to choir practice at Liniers, and then to the Club to get basketball equipment for the game tomorrow. Home by 11:00.

Saturday, 27 July—Went to Buenos Aires with Elder Oliver and Brother Sanchez. Purchased a Spanish Bible for $10.00 pesos. Had dinner with Elder and Sister Vance at Florida. Played a game of basketball with Florida Club. Players were Elders Vance, Oliver, Young, Hawkins and myself. Score–31-45 our favor.

Sunday, 28 July—Went to Priesthood and Sunday School meetings at Saenz Peña. Studied a talk in afternoon. Attended General Officers & Teachers meeting and Sacrament meeting at Florida. Accompanied songs on piano in officers and teachers meeting. Gave a written talk and sang in a quartet in Spanish in church–"O Mi Padre."

Monday, 29 July—Studied language in morning. Elder Vance came over and gave us a Spanish lesson. In the afternoon we visited two members and one investigator.

Thursday, 1 August—Wednesday translated my first talk. Spent three hours with Elder “Banana” Oliver looking for the home of Henry Boggan, an investigator. Didn’t find it, but had wrong address anyway. Had supper at mission home and sang songs and violin with President and Sister Young and Elders Oliver and Young–the President’s nephew. Today attended Relief Society n Saenz Peña–acted as organist–and Mutual in White. Attended Mutual conference in Liniers Tuesday.

Friday, 2 August—Studied language in morning and held Spanish class with Elders Vance, Oliver and Young. Elder Vance corrected my talk and we visited members in the afternoon. Brother Bonny, who is ill, and the Fiorito family. Spent evening at Mission Home talking with President Young and Elder Vance.

Sunday, 4 August—Yesterday went to two Union Meetings at Liniers. Today was Sacrament Meeting in the morning. Elder Oliver bore his testimony extemporaneously in Spanish. He had no knowledge of the language before a month ago. We had dinner at Brother Ghezzi’s with President Cortese. Afterward to Liniers Officers meeting and Church.

Monday, 5 August—Read Gospel of St. Mark for an hour Studied language in the morning with Elders Vance and Oliver. Visited two families in the afternoon–Herrero and one other. Had my first "Ma'te" today. Played basketball in evening with a Liniers Club–score 55-32 our favor. Afterwards we were guests of the losing team for hot chocolate and cookies. To bed by 1 AM.

Wednesday, 7 August—Yesterday painted sign for the “local” and attended Primary, English Class and mutual. Taught children a new song in Primary. Today went to Buenos Aires to have my glasses fixed that Brother Sanchez broke yesterday. Studied Spanish and had dinner at the Mission Home. Had a rather severe head ache so slept in afternoon. Went to Florida to Mutual and played my piano solo again.

Thursday, 8 August—Studied language. Accompanied on organ for Relief Society. President and Sister Young attended. Afterward visited Martinez family and had Rosita correct a talk I translated. Then visited the Guinaldo family with Brother Sanchez and wife. Before Relief Society wrote music to my song–"When Shadows Fall" for a lady in Florida Branch.

Friday, 9 August—Went to British Hospital with Elders Vance, Hawkins, Thompson and Oliver. Doctor advised that my adenoids, being enlarged and infected, should come out. Made appointment for Wednesday next. Had steak dinner down town and went to a movie. Afterwards to the office and then to Choir practice.

Sunday, 11 August—Studied and wrote letters in morning on Saturday. In afternoon went to bazaar at Florida. Afterward had hamburgers with Elders Vance & family, Thompson and Hawkins, and Cluff and Carrier. After the Bazaar I cleaned a chicken for Sister Vance. In the afternoon Elder Vance brought Elder Thompson over to Saenz Peña for me to hypnotize. He is mal-adjusted, has unknown fears, and does not have his heart in his work. Elder Thompson realized something is wrong and is cooperative. He was on the border of near-hypnosis, but we could go no further this first time. However, I feel confident that he can be hypnotized. We intend to try again soon. Sunday I attended Priesthood, Officers and Teachers, and Sunday School meetings. Angel invited us to dinner and we met his father, non-member. We ate raviolis. Played piano for an hour at home of Aldo Quintas. Attended Genealogy meeting and Sacrament meeting. In Sacrament meeting I led the singing and played a solo on the organ–“When Shadows Fall” again. Gave a two and a half minute talk in Sunday School on the 23rd Psalm, “The Lord is my Shepherd,” Translated and read it.

Monday, 12 August—Practiced basketball at Club in morning. Ate in restaurant in Liniers. Visited members in afternoon and evening–families of President Cortese, Gondola’s Almiralli’s.

Tuesday, 13 August—Elders Vance and Thompson came over this morning to try hypnotism again. He was able to go into near-hypnosis this time and responded physically to commands. Attended Primary and Mutual. Led some songs in Mutual. Held our first English class this afternoon. 10 members attended.

Wednesday, 14 August—Studied Spanish an hour before breakfast, then went to Florida to hypnotize Elder Thompson again, but without success. Had dinner with Elder Vance and family. In afternoon visited home of Elsa Matanza, whose father is not a member. Afterward went to office to get mail and do some typing.

Thursday, 15 August—Studied language an hour. Elder Thompson came over to be hypnotized again, but we had little success. Attended Relief Society and accompanied on the organ. Helped teach an English class. Wrote a testimony in English and translated it into Spanish. Sister Rosita Martinez gave us half a dozen eggs.

Tuesday morning, 20 August—Friday morning had Spanish class and tried again unsuccessfully to hypnotize Elder Thompson. Elders Vance and Hawkins were here for dinner, after which Elders Vance, Oliver and I went visiting two investigators families. Went to choir and to the office in the evening. Stayed Friday night at home of Elder Vance. Early Saturday morning left on the train with Elders Oliver, Hawkins and Thompson for Pergamino to attend Conference. Three hour trip, arrived at 10:30. Attended Primary Conference in afternoon. That night played basketball with a Pergamino Club. Since I had a blister on my foot I didn’t play, but acted as coach. We lost the game 33-55. Stayed that night in a hotel. Had a long chat with Elder Stott. Sunday morning attended Priesthood meeting and Sunday School Conference. Gave talk on repentance in conference. In afternoon attended an asado (barbeque), then visited a member with Elders Vance and Stott. Attended General Officers meeting and Evening session of Conference. After which left on the train for B.A. Arrived at 2:30AM and spent night in Florida at home of Elder Vance. Monday morning had class and after dinner went visiting with Vance and Oliver. Visited Rocha family–members of Saenz Peña. Afterward organized two English classes in Caseros, in the beauty parlor where works a member of the Church. Then went to the office and talked with President Young and got the suit I had altered. Discussed the problem of Elder Thompson’ mal-adjustment.

Wednesday, 21 August—Studied language in morning. Spent two hours in afternoon with a visitor who speaks English and wishes to practice the language. Attended primary and Mutual. Taught Lesson One to the new English Class. Afterwards wrote talk for next Sunday on subject of Salvation.

Thursday, 22 August—Wednesday Elders Hall and Young came over in the morning to practice our quartet for Sunday. Translated talk for Sunday. Went to Florida to Mutual and spent the night with Elder Vance. Stayed up until 1:30 AM talking. Thursday attended Relief Society in Saenz Peña. Accompanied on piano. Helped direct a ladies sextet. Attended English class at home of Sister Rosita Martinez. Went to office to practice singing and type talks. Weighed myself today and found that I have gained 8 kilos since arriving in Argentina. I now weigh 79 kilos.

Friday, 23 August—Washed clothes in morning with scrubbing board. Studied Spanish with Elders Vance and Oliver. Elder Young also came over and Brother Sanchez cooked us an asado for dinner. Visited Brother Gabriel and an investigator in the afternoon. Attended Mutual in Liniers and Chorus afterwards. Played my solo again in Mutual. Elder Shreeve, President of the Mission Mutual, told me I was to be first Counselor in the Mission Mutual.

Sunday, 25 August—Saturday wrote letters and went to club. Sunday in Sunday School led singing. Attended meeting of Officers and Teachers. Led singing in church and gave 10 minute talk on salvation. Afterward visited Guinaldo family with Brother and Sister Sanchez.

Monday, 26 August—Studied Spanish and religion in the morning with Elders Oliver and Vance. Visited Catalina Ferreño and the Almiral family. Held two English classes in evening. Both for first time. One class is of students who have taken English in school and the other of new pupils. Only two out of eight belong to Church.

Tuesday, 27 August—Yesterday held conference committee meeting with other Mutual Officers at Mission Office. Chose committees for Gold and Green Ball, athletics, asados and Program. Am on the dance committee. In evening went to Florida for Mutual and sang a duet with Elder Oliver. Today studied in morning. Was organist at Relief Society. Taught English class. Visited Boggan family in evening. Bet Elder Oliver $5 that when our mission was over I’d be married before him.

Friday, 30 August—Went to market with Sister Guinaldo at 7:00 AM. Studied language in the morning with Elders Oliver and Vance. Visited an investigator, Erreros, and Fioritos. Attended choir practice in the evening. Ate a short asado with the missionaries in Liniers. Brother Sanchez and family moved today to Liniers, and as a parting gesture, turned our room upside down. We will miss his pounding on our door at six in the morning.

Sunday, 1 September—Saturday went to office in morning. Made arrangements to buy household goods for Saenz Peña. Elder Young has had a case of pneumonia this last week and it has affected his mind. He has been out of his head ever since Wednesday. Visited Ciudadela Branch for a few minutes, then went to Caseros and visited Gandolas. Afterward went to birthday party at Brother Almiral’s. He is now 81 years old. Went to monthly meeting of officials in Liniers. Sunday attended and priesthood meetings. Led singing in Sacrament meeting. Elder Oliver bore his testimony. Went to Guinaldo’s for dinner, after which went to Liniers and attended three meetings. Sang in the choir. Had a rather bad headache.

Monday, 2 September—Went with Oliver and Vance to buy our cooking and eating utensils. It cost “the mission” 90 pesos. Elder Hall moved out with us today and we spent the day cleaning and fixing up our home. At five o’clock went to Caseros and taught two English classes. Two students and two others promised to come to Mutual tomorrow. Afterward wrote part of talk I am to give in Ciudadela next Sunday on the subject of the ancient people of America and their Prophets.

Tuesday, 3 September—This morning we went to the market, we three, and bought our food for the next day or two. Elder Oliver was elected cook for today, Hall tomorrow and me the next day. Had breakfast at 10:00. After which I mopped the patio and wrote more n my talk for Sunday. Finished it tonight. Spent two hours in afternoon talking with a “friend”. Attended Mutual, led the singing and directed some rounds.

Wednesday, 4 September—Took phonograph apart this morning to try to fix it. Went to Hurlingham to Primary at home of Brother Bonny. Then to Florida to a Mutual Fiesta. Elder Vance helped translate a talk for me. Played my solo again!

Thursday, 5 September—Went to city to make a few purchases. Visited Mr. Vivian Winterfield Pelrichs, who works with Western Telegraph and is husband of lady we met on boat. Gave him pamphlet and tracts and was invited to his home. Visited Henry Boggan, investigator, tonight and had gospel conversation with his sister.

Sunday, 8 September—Elders Vance and Hawkins came over for dinner. Oliver was the cook. Split up in two groups and went visiting. Vance and I visited Sister Toth, a German member, and Brother Gabriel, who bound in leather a Spanish copy of the Book of Mormon and Doctrine & Covenants for Oliver and me. Afterward went to office and then to choir practice, and then to a meeting of the Gold and Green Ball Committee. Then walked to Liniers with the missionaries from White. Elder and Sister Shreeves, and Stott and Larsen. Saturday went to club from White– Elder and Sister Shreeves, and Stott and Larsen. Saturday went to club in morning and helped renovate the basketball court, after which we played a game of ball and then ate fideos at the new home of the Sanchez family. Then went to office and typed my talks for Sunday. Then returned to Saenz Peña for the Relief Society Bazaar. Sang a trio with Oliver and Hall–“Primavera en las Pampas.” Brother Oliver announced us as “Los Tres Canarios de la Sociedad de Socorro de Saenz Peña.” After program I led the congregation in singing rounds. Then President Young said we could dance the Virginia Reel to show the people how. The Bazaar was a big success and there was a large crowd. It ended at 11:00 PM. Then Oliver, Hall and I scrubbed the church, patio and one room and straightened up the mess in the kitchen. Went to bed about 1:30. Sunday attended Priesthood meeting, and Sunday School. Directed music and gave two and a half minute talk. Then I cooked a tortilla for dinner. Elder Hall and I went to church at Ciudadela, where I gave a twenty minute talk on the subject of the Ancient People of America and their Prophets. Then returned to Saenz Peña for church. I passed the Sacrament.

Monday, 9 September—I was the cook today. Worked all morning in the kitchen. This afternoon visited Sister Bini. Then to Caseros for the English Class. Taught two classes in English. Afterwards we ate there with the Vega family. Very nice. Left tracts and pamphlet. At the bazaar Saturday night were complimented by President Young on my Spanish and one sister told me that I have the gift of tongues.

Tuesday, 10 September—Went to ferria with Oliver and Sister Guinaldo to buy food. President Young and Elder Barker came out in the morning and brought Elder Young (President’s nephew). I spent the day watching him. Took him for a walk to see the Catholic Church. Held two English classes. Oliver taught one and Hall the other. Attended Primary and Mutual. Taught the practice song in Primary. Hall spoke in Mutual–“No Cometeras Adulterio.” Shreeves, Stott and Larsen came to Mutual, after which we left for Liniers for a committee meeting for the Gold and Green Ball. Decided on theme of a Japanese or Chinese Garden.

Wednesday, 11 September—Studied two Spanish lessons in the morning. Went to office after dinner and talked to President Young about Elder Young. Went to Primary in Hurligham at the house of Brother Bonny, from France. Stayed for a chicken supper.

Thursday, 12 September—Spent the morning being cook. Yesterday at Primary in Hurligham was about eaten up by fleas. Last night a spider chewed on my lip and this morning my lip was so swollen I couldn’t close my mouth. Also my left arm and right hand were swollen, but are better now. We used the records left by the old missionaries to look up new investigators, and found Mrs. Amado very friendly. Received an invitation back. Visited again with the music teacher who lives up the street. Attended Relief Society. Played organ and directed practice song. Went to office in evening and talked with President some more about Elder Young.

Friday, 13 September—Studied Spanish in morning. Went to Gandola’s for dinner. We were a little late and they had just finished eating when we arrived. They fixed us another dinner. When we returned Elders Vance and Hawkins were here and were just fixing some tricks to play on us, but we caught them in the act. Then Oliver, Hall and Hawkins went to Angel Abrea’s birthday party and Elder Vance and I visited Herreros–investigators. Afterwards went to office and then to choir practice. The conductor, Brother Bonny, didn’t come, so had long conversation with Gladys Tamborini, who is on decoration committee with me for Gold & Green Ball.

Saturday, 14 September—Helped fix club I morning. Had dinner in Liniers Branch with President and Sister Young and about 20 missionaries. Had our house warming this evening and invited all the missionaries in the Capital District and President and Sister Young, and Brother and Sister Brady. Ate hamburgers and pop. Then we sang. The President played his violin and Elder Schreeves his guitar. Everyone had a fine time.

Sunday, 15 September—Went to Priesthood meeting. Led singing in Sunday School. Had hamburgers and fried potatoes for dinner. Attended teacher training meeting. Administered to Sacrament in Church. President and Sister Young came. Talked with Henry Boggan, an investigator.

Monday, 16 September—Cooked and cleaned today. Had beans for dinner. Visited Sister Brandi and Catalina and her mother in the afternoon. Taught the English classes at the Peluqueria in Caseros. Afterwards showed film slides of the States. “In the Tops of the Mountains.” We had a new student today and a couple of promises to come to Mutual and Church.

Tuesday, 17 September—Today studied language in morning and read the first chapter of Book of Mormon in Spanish. Wrote down all the words that I didn’t understand. Oliver cooked vegetable soup for dinner. In afternoon visited Sister Simonian, an inactive member who received us quite coldly. Went to Primary and directed practice song. Two girls from the English class Monday came for a little more instruction. In Mutual led the rounds (songs). After Mutual we went to the house of Manuel Gabrea and talked for an hour and a half.

Wednesday, 18 September—Went to office in morning to talk with President Young about the Branch here. They are ordaining to the Priesthood incorrectly. After dinner, we had a tortilla by Elder Hall, we visited Gonzales and told them about starting a Beehive class in Mutual. Then visited Fioritas for an hour. Their son is 23 and doesn’t hold the priesthood. But he has been taking a more active part lately. Then we went to Bonny’s for Primary. Fioritto gave us a bunch of radishes. Sister Bonny gave us half a dozen eggs. Then we went to Elsa Matanza’s for supper–tortillas again. After we came back, Oliver and I took off our clothes and threw water on each other in the patio for a shower. It has been really warm today and spring is not until next Saturday. We bought a bottle of D.D.T. yesterday and have been making war on the cockroaches in the kitchen, but I think we’re outnumbered.

Thursday, 19 September—I was cook today. After breakfast we held a religion study class for an hour. Had beans and lentejas for dinner. Directed songs in Relief Society. Visited Amado family and met husband. They are poor, have no electricity in house. I read to them 7th chapter of Book of Moroni. Then we took wrong collectivo for the house of Sister Bashnagel and got lost. Then we spent evening a home of Henry Boggan.

Friday, 20 September—Studied religion in morning. Vance and Hawkings came over and we went visiting in the afternoon. Vance and I together and Oliver, Hall and Hawkins together. We visited Gandolas and an Indian investigator. Then went to office and rode to the Mutual in Liniers with President Young. I gave a talk on the purpose of Mutual. Afterwards was choir practice and then Gladys Tamborini talked about decorations for the Green and God Ball. Today the President assigned me a talk for conference. Then Elder Shreeves gave me a talk to give in the Mutual part of conference.

Monday, 23 September—Saturday went to Rochas for dinner. Then to Liniers to missionary choir practice. Helped fix Liniers and Club for Bazaar and Spring Dance. Went to White with Elder Stott and got film for my camera. Sunday went to Priesthood meeting and Sunday School in Saenz Peña. Directed music in Sunday School. Ate dinner at Guinaldos–fideos. Went to Florida to Church in evening and gave extemporaneous talk in Spanish. Then went to Brady’s for a missionary get together. Brother Brady didn’t know what short sheet meant, so I took him upstairs and showed him by helping him short sheet his wife’s bed. Then, when he took the Vances home, Oliver and I short sheeted his bed. Monday I was cook. Ate beans. Studied religion for an hour. Have started a religion study class in morning. We learn new scriptures in Spanish. I read three chapters from Bible in English and one from Book of Mormon in Spanish. Visited with Almiral’s. Brother Almiral, age 81, is in bed with a cold. Then taught English class in Caseros at the home of Vega. Afterwards showed Film “King of Kings.” Then went home. Wrote a letter and my 2 ½ minute talk for next Sunday in Spanish.

Tuesday, 24 September—Elder Hall and I went to the feria to buy food. Stared our tracting program this morning. Visited 12 homes, left 16 tracts. Never realized the joy connected with this work until today. Studied Language in Afternoon. Visited Brother Guinaldo with Vance and Hawkins. Attended Primary and Mutual. President and Sister Young were here to Mutual. Then Oliver and I visited Sister Gorea until 10:30. Received news that my sister, Gayla, lost her baby, her first child, to be born next month.

Thursday, 26 September—Oliver and Hall tracted in morning and then we went down town to Buenos Aires to make a few purchased and see a show. Dropped by office on way home.

Friday, 27 September—Studied religion for an hour in our class. Elders Vance and Hawkins came over and after dinner Vance, Oliver and Hall went visiting and Hawkins and I went first to Cerera’s. He played his violin for us. Then to Abrea’s where we got the address of an investigator which we went to see. Then back to Abrea’s for chocolate and cookies. Then to chorus practice in Liniers, after which I had a short meeting with Gladys Tamborini about decorations for Gold and Green Ball. After returning I translated my talk for conference. It is now 2 AM.

Saturday, 28 September—Went to Liniers in morning to practice song for conference. Visited Sanchez. Ate dinner with missionaries at White. Attended baptismal service in Liniers. Henry Boggan, an investigator of some 20 years took us to meet Joseph Schmidt, a man of 70 years born in Austria, who speaks several languages, including Russian, Greek, Latin, Sanskrit Hebrew and others. He showed me his bibles in 14 different languages. Had a very interesting conversation about connection of Bible and Book of Mormon. Elders Hall and Oliver went to birthday party of Maria Elena Gandola.

Sunday, 29 September—Led singing in Priesthood meeting. Gave two and a half minute talk in Sunday School. Had dinner in White and went with Elder Stott to Ramos Mejia to Sunday School and Church. Gave talk on Word of Wisdom. Went to White to Church and was asked to speak as final speaker. Bore my testimony and spoke without aid of written material. Something I have not been able to do before. Afterwards went to office and had supper.

Monday, 31 September—Was cook this morning. Was quite sick this afternoon so went to bed until time for English Class in Caseros. Taught the two classes. Señor de Vega gave us some eggs.

Tuesday, 1 October—Elder Hall and I tracted over the district we tracted last week. Had a couple of doors slammed in our faces. Talked with one Señora for half an hour. Studied the language this afternoon. Taught children a new song in Primary. Attended Mutual. Then visited the investigator, Señor Govear. His wife was older than me by 30 years.

Wednesday, 2 October—Rained in morning so didn’t go tracting. Visited Herrera for an hour then went to Hurlingham for Primary. Visited Fioritos and Bonnys. Sister Bonny gave us 1 doz. Eggs. Then went to Florida to Mutual. Led singing. After Mutual had missionary chorus practice.

Thursday, 3 October—I cooked in the morning. Met Elder Stott at the office at 1:30 PM and we went down town to buy decorations for the Gold and Green Ball. In the evening we visited Henry Boggan. He is afraid to join the Church because of what his business associates and friends might think.

Friday, 4 October—Had religion class for an hour and studied language for two hours. Vance and Hawkins came for dinner. Oliver and Hawkins visited and Vance, Hall and I went to Rosita Martinez place. She had baked us a cake. Then Vance and Hall went to club and I went to see Bro. Gabriel about the programs for the dance. Then to the office and then to Liniers for Mutual and choir practice. After which walked home with Gladys Tamborini and talked about decorations for dance.

Sunday, 6 October—Saturday morning Oliver and I went to La Plata with Elder and Sister Shreeves, Sister Brady and Stott and Larsen. The missionaries from Quilmes were there. Played La Plata basketball in afternoon and won. Then practiced song and dance for conference. Then attended wedding of President of the Branch in La Plata. Took Sister Brady home and stayed all night at her place. Ate strawberry pie. Sunday attended Sunday School and Fast meeting in Saenz Peña, then went to Sister Matanza’s for a dinner of raviolis and roast chicken. It was raining when we went home, and as we were without coats, got soaked.

Monday, 7 October—Went to the club in Liniers at 9:00 AM and helped Stott, Schreeves and Larsen clean club and prepare for dance. Spent all day working in club. Went to choir practice in Liniers, then to home of Gladys Tamborini for a few minutes. Came home with Oliver and Rosita Martinez. Hall is staying in the office tonight to watch Elder Young who is still ill and keeps trying to run away. It’s quite a worry for the President.

Tuesday, 3 October—Studied conference talk. Taught English for Elder Hall. Led rounds in Mutual. Went to investigator Goren but he wasn’t home. Went to show and saw one of the oldest pictures I’ve ever seen. Moral–save your money.

Wednesday, 9 October—Spent all day in Club making decorations for dance and keeping the different committees in line. Practiced the Sargent Dance for the missionaries for conference. Ate dinner with Brother Sanchez and hid his pants between the mattress and the bed springs.

Thursday, 10 October—Went to club at 9:00 to help Gladys Tamborini paint decorations. She didn’t show up till 11:00. Then to the office and to Saenz Peña. Yesterday Elders Call and Marble came from Rio Cuarto for conference. Attended Relief Society and afterward taught a song to Primary to sing in conference. The boys were so unruly that I kicked them out and made it a girl’s trio. Then went to visit Rosita Martinez and then to Caseros to visit De Vega, an investigator. We’ve been so busy here that today we our first chance to wash the dished for three days.

Tuesday, 15 October—Friday went to Club at 8:00 and decorated all day till the dance started at 8 PM. Went to office and took a shower. Then back to dance and sold punch till dance let out at 1 AM. Then Stott, Shreeve, Larsen and I cleaned away decorations for Saturday. Finished at 2:45. Slept for an hour in Liniers under a tree till colectivos started running. Got home at 5:00AM. Up at 8:30 and over to Club for Asado at noon. Conference meetings started a 2:00PM. Gave talk on Welfare Plan in priesthood meeting. Took part on variety program in evening. Missionaries sang cowboy songs and I spun a rope. Sunday attended conference all day. Ate fideos at an investigator’s house. Monday morning we had an Elders meeting in mission home–23 missionaries present. Heard wonderful testimonies from all the Elders and received instruction from President Young. Single missionaries played basketball against married missionaries in the club. We won 65 to 50. Tuesday went to Mrs. Bessinger’s with all the 8 missionaries that came on the Rio Santa Cruz and had a very nice dinner. Then Oliver, Yeaman and I went down town to a show.

Wednesday, 16 October—Stayed home today and studied religion and Spanish. Washed clothes and darned socks.

Thursday, 17 October—Wrote letters and studied Spanish and religion. Was no food in the house and today was a holiday, so we ate in a restaurant. Attended Relief Society. President and Sister Young and Elders Call and Marble came. Vance and Hawkins came over later and we went to hold a cottage meeting but only one person was home, so we had a song and prayer. Then went to Boggans. Also visited Guinaldos.

Friday, 18 October—Went to feria with Hall and Brother Guinaldo. Sister Guinaldo cooked us some fish and made us a salad. Visited Brother and Sister Almiral, two investigators, and Brother Contesa. Went to office and then to Liniers to Mutual. Elder Hall Spoke. Three new missionaries arrived today–Bob Rigby, Harvey Black and Fenton Williams. Attended chorus practice and visited for two hours with Brother Sanchez. Took a little ma’te. Last Monday we washed all our milk bottles that had collected during conference time and set them out for the milkman–14 in all.

Saturday, 17 October—Went to Brother Sanchez’ for dinner, then to the club. At 4:30 met Henry Boggan and he took me to see Mr. Joseph Schmidt. He said he believed 99% of what he knew of Mormonism. He told some very interesting stories— said a Jewish person, “When I was a Jew God saw me, but I didn’t see God. When I was a Catholic I saw God, but God didn’t see me, and when I was a Protestant I neither saw God nor did God see me.” I went to the office and then home.

Sunday, 20 October—Directed music in Priesthood and Sunday School meetings. Had dinner at home of Angel Abrea. Hall dropped a ma’te gourd and broke it. Oliver and I walked up to the Catholic Church and were taking pictures of the place when a priest came up and asked to take a picture of his idols. We did, and promised him one. Told him we were Mormon missionaries and were down here preaching the gospel. Attended teacher’s meeting and gave a talk in church on the Word of Wisdom. President and Sister Young were here and the three new missionaries. Afterward talked to Sister Baschnagel, a German lady with a black wig, and hired her to be our maid. She will come six days a week and prepare our noon meal. Hall and Oliver went to Liniers where Hall had to speak. Offered my first public prayer in Spanish at house of Sanchez yesterday. We speak Spanish around the house most of the time now.

Tuesday, 22 October—Monday visited Herreros, Sister Bini, who is ill, and taught two classes in English. Afterwards had a three-hour gospel conversation. Received the Book, Jesus the Christ,” from Salt Lake and read till 1:00. Tuesday went down town and had my voter’s ballot notarized. Attended Mutual and visited with investigator, Govea. Then Brother and Sister Guinaldo.

Thursday, 24 October—Wednesday went to birthday party of Coca Spraggon. Then to Hurlingham to Primary. Sister Bonny gave us nine eggs. Then to Rocha’s and then home. Today Hall and I went tracting for an hour. Vance and Hawkins came over for dinner. Then Vance and I went to Caseros and visited Almirals. They went to the Evangelistica Church last time and since they are among the oldest members in Argentina, we gave them a good talking to. Visited Gandolas and invited Robert Gandola for baptism. Then to Robert Rocha’s.

Sunday, 27 October—Friday visited Brother Gabriel and Sister Toth. Then went to office. Nobody there so we broke in and short sheeted Greta Shimcot’s bed. Then visited Sanchez during Mutual in Liniers and then to choir practice. Saturday Oliver and I went down town. In afternoon went with Brother Vance to house of Joseph Schmidt. Then to Brady’s. Sister Brady was burned quite badly when her pressure cooker blew up. She took the lid off without letting out the steam. We gave her a blessing. Then went to Mrs. Bessinger’s in Florida and played Fullness of Times records. Was midnight when we arrived at Vance’s, so I stayed there all night. Gave 2 ½ minute talk in Sunday School. Had dinner at home of Gonzalez. Led singing in Church. Attended monthly Branch Teacher’s meeting. In church the boyfriend of Mimi Scarpa gave his first talk and said he was going to join the Church.

Monday, 28 October—Oliver and I put legs on our new beds and short sheeted Hall’s bed and put bread crumbs in it. Visited Almirals, Don Miguel, Olga, who comes to English classes, Cortese, Gandola and taught two English classes in the house of de Vega. Ate supper there and stayed till 11:00.

Tuesday, 29 October—Went to Florida and tracted with Elder Hawkins. Had dinner there and then went to Liniers and took pictures of a Relief Society Fiesta. Then to the office to get our mail. Elder Hall received a letter from “Merrill”. So we opened and read it. Then Greta put a lipstick mark at the end and we sealed it up again. Then we enjoyed a fiesta of our Mutual at Saenz Peña. The three Elders, Hall, Oliver and I, sang a trio and Elder Hall sang a solo.

Wednesday, 30 October—Hall and I went tracting this morning. Third time over the district. Had an interesting time. Some people are interested in gospel. Visited Mimi Scarpa. Her boy friend, Alvarez, gave us an asado. Then visited wife of Roberto Rocha. He’s a member and she’s an investigator. Made arrangements to start cottage meetings there next Wednesday. Visited Olga, and invited her to cottage meetings. Visited Gandola’s for a few minutes and then went to Hurlingham to Primary. Afterwards to Liniers and played basketball. Received a blister on each foot.

Friday, 1 November—Thursday Hall and I went tracting. Then visited investigators and members in Caseros. We are forming a Primary there now. In evening went to a cottage meeting and then Oliver and I visited Henry Boggan. Friday I went to Florida to go tracting. But Hawkins and Vance were going down town. So I went with them. Got my Birome?? pencil back and bought a light blue summer suit. The temperature has been around 900 lately. Went to a show in the afternoon and then to office and to choir practice. Then to club where we played Club Liniers basketball. We won. I didn’t play because of blisters. Had a sick headache in afternoon.

Thursday, 7 November—Saturday went to baptism. Confirmed one little girl a member of the Church. Then went to birthday party of Oscar Abrea. Sunday went to priesthood and Fast meetings. Administered Sacrament. Sister Bini was ill so we went to her home and held Sacrament meeting. In attendance were Sister Bini, Elsa Matanza, Oliver, Hall and me. I conducted the meeting and bore my testimony, as did all present. Then went to Liniers for meetings. Then Vance and I went to see Elder Shreeves, who has pneumonia. Slept Sunday night at Florida. Morning, Vance, Hawkins, Oliver and I left for San Fernando dock to catch a launch to island of Zarahemla. We were late so hired a man for $5 to drive us to Tigre where we arrived just in time to catch the launch. Traveled about 50 miles and at 4:30 PM arrived at house of Brother Shimcot, Greta’s father. The islands are in the delta of the Paraná and the Rio de la Plata and are beautiful. Magnolia trees, trees with brilliant red flowers and weeping willows line the banks of the rivers and canals. Visited and fished with brother Shimcot till 8:30. I rowed with him up to the store and back–about a mile. Then we all rowed five miles to the house of Brother Schultz. Talked till 1:30 AM. Next morning held Sacrament meeting. I bore my testimony. Sister Schultz bore her testimony in German. Elder Vance understood most of it. Then Vance took a launch back and we three with Brothers Schimcot and Schultz rowed back to Schimcot’s. Took launch at 4:30 to Zárate and then train into B.A. Slept at Florida. Wednesday noon went to birthday dinner of Freddie Sanchez in Liniers –four years old. President and Sister Young were there. Hall and I then went to Caseros and held cottage meeting with Sister Rocha, an investigator. It makes four months to the day that I have been in Argentina and this is the first cottage meeting that I conducted. We talked about the first Articles of Faith. Then went to Hurlingham to Primary. Ate there with Sister Bonny. Ran into a cloudburst on the way home. The temperature has been about 90° - 100°. Went tracking with Oliver Delivered 20 tracts. Knocked at school house door for 10 minutes thinking it was a house. Wrote letters and studied in afternoon. In evening conducted cottage meeting with Borén family. Studied fourth Article of Faith. The mother told her daughter to be baptized the last time we were there, but we told her to hold on till she found out what she was getting into.

Friday, 8 November—Went to Florida and then to hospital Britanico where I made an appointment with Dr. Sibbuld to have my adenoids removed Monday. Then went to the office and spent the afternoon. Went to mutual and Chorus in Liniers. Brother Sanchez’ wife had a baby–named George Albert Sanchez. I received my new summer suit today.

Saturday, 9 November—Was rather ill with a stomach ache so didn’t do much. Went to Liniers to a Relief Society Bazaar and then to the office.

Sunday, 10 November—Directed music in Priesthood meeting and attended Sunday School. Ate dinner at Gonzales home in Hurlingham. Directed music in genealogy meeting and in Church.

Monday 11 November—Went to British Hospital to be operated on, but the doctor, although he had made an appointment, didn’t come because it was Armistice Day. Then went to office and studied religion and language with President and Sister Young and Elder Barker. Ate breakfast there. Read Spanish novel in afternoon. Then went to Caseros and taught two English classes.

Tuesday, 11 November—Went tracting in Florida with Brother Hawkins. Talked to a man who remembered the name of a missionary he had known in Europe 30 years ago. Today and yesterday have read half through a Spanish novel. Visited Gandolas and made final arrangements for a Primary to be held in their house. Pocha Gandola as teacher. Attended fiesta in Mutual. Two investigators from my English class in Caseros came. One brought her Mother. Five other investigators were there. I led the singing and gave an extemporaneous talk on the commandment, “No tomarás el nombre de Johová tu Dios en vano.” Sang a trio with Hall and Oliver.

Saturday, 13 November—13 November went to British Hospital and had my adenoids taken out. The next day President and Sister Young, Bros. Stott and Brady went to Mendoza, so I stayed in the office with Bro. Barker and Greta until they returned last night. Helped Barker do the office work and played tricks on Greta and the office girls until they returned last night. Had a tooth fixed and was in bed two days with a cold. Greta put a mustard plaster on my chest and rubbed Vicks on me. Visited an investigator in Liniers, Henry Boggan, and Bro. Sanchez. Went to Quilmes to Relief society Bazaar and played Club Quilmes basketball. We lost, 35 to 32.

Monday, 24 November—Attended meetings Sunday. In Saenz Peña. Directed music in evening. Monday tracted for two hours with Bro. Hall. Talked to an atheist for half an hour. Taught two English classes in Caseros. Have bad cold.

Monday, 2 December—Tuesday went to central to see dentist. Visited Maestro Cereda in afternoon. At 4:00 contracted a severe headache, so I went to bed. Stomach and legs ached, was wet with sweat but had a chill. So Elders Oliver and Hall gave me a blessing, and in five minutes afterwards all the pain had gone and I felt entirely better. Nevertheless, I went to the office and went to bed for I still had a bad cold. Stayed till Friday. Attended chorus Friday night. Went tracting Saturday morning and to Liniers to meetings in afternoon. Attended Sunday School, Priesthood and Sacrament meetings in Sainz Peña. We formed an Aaronic Priesthood class and had the first lesson. Oliver is the teacher. Ate dinner at Gonzales home. Attended meetings in Liniers in afternoon Sang in chorus, held committee meeting, visited Brother Sanchez. Am in charge of a dance to be held on December 25. On the committee are Sister de la Puente and Oliver. Today, Monday, went tracting. Just as we arrived at the door of a Señor Roberts it began to rain a cloudburst. So he invited us in and we talked for more than an hour and left with him a Book of Mormon. Visited Sister Bini this afternoon and gave her a blessing. She has been too sick to leave the house for five weeks. Then visited Almiral’s and then taught two classes in English in Caseros. Elder Vance wants someone in Florida to go tracting with his companion, Hawkins, because he doesn’t like to track. So he had Brother Hall moved from here to Florida. He left today. Since Oliver and I are alone we can’t afford to have a cook. We had to fire Ernestina and Vance hired her to cook for them.

Wednesday, 4 December—Tuesday went to dentist. He filled my tooth for 20 pesos. Ate “bife de lomo” in B.A. Attended primary in Saenz Peña and taught children Christmas songs. That evening in Liniers directed music in closing mutual program. Afterwards attended engagement party of Eleanora, who works in office. Left too late to take colectivo, so spent the night in the office. This morning came to Saenz Peña, but we had a cloud burst so didn’t go tracting. Rained all day so stayed in and studied. This evening visited family, Florido, members who haven’t been to Church for years. Found them very friendly and they promised to come out.

Thursday, 5 December—Rained again. Studied in morning. Held cottage meeting at home of Rocha. After meeting wife of Roberto Rocha asked for baptism. Then visited Corteze and asked his son to Priesthood meetings. Visited and invited the Caseros Primary kids to fiesta Saturday. Visited Gandolas. Held cottage meeting in Lope de Vega at which we showed films of Utah.

Monday, 12 December—Friday evening, Dec. 6, 1946, in the mission office in Buenos Aires, President Young called me to his room and said in effect– “Bro. Gorton, I have just secured your railroad pass to go to Mendoza. I don’t want to rush you, but if you could be ready to leave by 7 o’clock in the morning, I’ll take you down to the train.” The next day found me crossing the pampas toward Mendoza. I was sent to take the place of Carlos Young, who was to come to Buenos Aires for an operation. Arriving in Mendoza at midnight, I was met at the train by Carlos and Elder Robert Rigby. The next day Carlos left for the office and I was left as senior companion and president of the Mendoza branch, which consisted of eight members. The branch house, recently rented, was located in the well-to-do part of the city and the Church of Jesus Christ was not known to the people. We immediately began the tracting program, working at times four hours a day. Of the tracting contacts we found one family with whom we held meetings–the family Steffaneli, who asked for baptism at the last cottage meeting I attended. We organized a primary which grew from 4 to 18 children. We organized a Young Fellows Club that became a subsidiary to the Mutual. We held Sunday School and Sacrament meetings. On the 12th of January, 1947 I blessed the baby of Bro. And Sister Parejas–Victor Reynaldo. I spent one week less than three months in Mendoza, enjoying highly my ministry there.

2 January, 1948—(The remainder of the year I spent in La Plata.) Incidents of interest have not been a few during the year. My only regret is not having recorded them. For ten months I have acted as President of the La Plata Branch and President of the La Plata District. Seven people have been baptized here since March, and the Church has grown generally. Our local that seats 60 people is no longer adequate and we must find another. I hope, during 1948, to note the interesting incidents as the last year of my mission develops itself. Today Elder Wallace Bruce and I took the kids from the Primary in the country to the show. It was the first show they had ever seen. This evening held cottage meeting for Sister Pache, whose daughter is a member. This daughter, Elsa, according to reports from her sister, is supposed to be in love with me. But she is acting real good and I think her infatuation is passing.

4 January, 1948—Last night Elder Howard March and I met the vice president of the Peruvian Students organization and received his permission to have the Traveling Elders give them a program on 23 January. Went to a show with one of their group and presented him with a Book of Mormon to send to his brother who is an archaeologist, working in Peru. We gave this fellow a Book of Mormon also and he seems to be reading it. Today, Sunday, in Priesthood meeting we had 14 present. In the Branch are 77 members and four missionaries. I gave a 2 ½ minute talk in Sunday School and took charge of the Testimony Meeting. Opened by giving a little talk in which I became quite emotional and had a very difficult time. The Quilmes Elders came for dinner and afterwards Bruce and I gave Alberto Calcagno and wife their first cottage meeting. We have know them about 2 months and the Señora (has a one month old baby girl) has asked for baptism. Tonight was District Genealogy Conference–56 present. Mrs. Dawson and her two daughters, Genevieve and Dorothy, came for the first time. Afterwards we had a meeting of the Branch Presidency in the home of Lencina. Elder Ogden and Tato Lencina are my counselors. It is raining.

5 January, 1948—Started work on obtaining the “Asociación Sarmiento,” a cultural center, and the “Club Estudiantes,” the largest club in La Plata in which to present programs by the Traveling Elders. Cottage meetings at Napp’s and Ayala’s. At 6:00PM went to birthday party of Dorothy Dawson. Taught them the Virginia Reel. Enjoyed a pleasant evening.

Tuesday, 6 January—Began translating “The Restored Church” by William E. Barrett, with Hugo Salvioli. Hope to have it published in “El Mensajero Deseret.” Held a good choir practice. Visited with Mancini family. Saw Dr. Duprat, Pres. of the “Asociación Sarmiento,” and it looks like our getting their “Salon de Actos” is in the bag. Also we may play their team basketball. Have asked a group of 120 Peruvian Students and the “Coro Universitario” to be special guests at the presentation of the Traveling Elders on the 23rd.

Thursday, 8 January—Yesterday we looked for land to buy on which to build a chapel. Found a good piece for $15 per square meter. Sister Sosa is angry because she thinks that Dora Lencina doesn’t want to go with her as a visiting teacher. We explained that she was wrong and why, but she wouldn’t believe us. So today we told him we are going to stop giving her cottage meetings because if she won’t accept our word we can’t hope to teach her the gospel. Had a little fiesta in the Branch for the choir, presented by Oscar Lavista in honor of his birthday. Translated The Restored Church for three hours.

Friday, 9 January—Went to office with Bruce and received permission of President to move two of the Quilmes Elders to La Plata permanently to help us out here as soon as we can find a pensión or local for them to live in. Pres. is glad we’re looking for land and will try to get permission of Apostle Richards to buy and build a chapel here when he comes down in February. Went to show in B.A. then to Quilmes on the way home but the Quilmes Elders weren’t home. Ate at noon in a restaurant in B.A.

Sunday, 11 January—Yesterday was well occupied in doing missionary work. Last night went to birthday dinner of Señora Cantoni. Her kids are recent investigators. Today attended the Church meetings. Accompanied Polo D’Angeles on the organ as he sang a vocal solo in Church. After Church had an interesting fireside chat on the subject, “Are There in Reality Atheists?” Told Quito Mancini that the Pres. of the Branch wanted to have a serious talk with him. He doesn’t pay his tithing and hasn’t been coming to meetings very good. Tonight in meeting Samuel Boren and his wife spoke and Polo sang a solo.

Sunday, 18 January—Today it was my turn to cook. Prepared boiled potatoes, creamed carrots and peas, tomatoes and fruit. Tonight gave a 30 minute talk on World Trends and Church Responsibility. Went to Calcagno’s tonight to give them a lesson, but they had four unexpected guests, so we just chatted. Wednesday Bruce and I went to Bernal to look for a new local for Quilmes, then to a missionary program in the Club, slept in the office. Thursday stood in line six hours to find my passport that the Government had lost last July. Found passport but didn’t get extension of visa. Then went to Ciudadela to talk to Stott about programs he’s bringing here 23rd and 24th, then to office to talk to President and then to Quilmes to sleep. Friday morning went to Lanus to find a place for two missionaries. Ate in a restaurant in Lanus and visited Sister Leigenburger in Bernal in the afternoon. Then to La Plata, arriving at 8 PM. Visited Cortez and Calcagno until 12:30. Saturday rented an excursion bus and the whole Branch went to Puente Lara for a picnic. The bus cost 90 pesos and the members paid for all but 7.50, which I paid for. The Branch bought 3 cases of pop. We brought our own lunch. Everyone played games and went swimming. Pres. Young doesn’t let us swim and I about died–I wanted to go swimming so bad. We left at 3 PM and stayed until 9 PM. Because of the work in La Plata I’m having two of the missionaries from Quilmes move in with us to help us out–Williams and Haren. They’ll live in the local and Marsh and Ogden will live in a pension on the other side of town to work the new district.

29 January—Have spent the last few days making preparations for the Traveling Group of Elders that present musical programs and play basketball. Secured the “Asociación Sarmiento” for Friday night and the “Club Estudiantes” for Saturday night. The “A. Sarmiento” is a group to further culture composed of doctors and business men, etc. high class. Estudiantes is the biggest club in town. The programs were a success. Many people heard of our Church through them, and many interesting contacts were made. Especially with this Peruvian group. We have now started English classes with them, and they are going to help put on the program for the Relief Society Bazaar. Last Monday we all went to Quilmes for the monthly district missionary meeting, then in to the Capital to see a show. Have conducted very interesting cottage meetings with Bob Napp and Alberto Calcagno and wife. Just received word that my sister, Gayla, had a baby girl, Patti Janine.

5 February—Elder Stephen L. Richards and wife arrived in Argentina February 3. Last night we went to the welcome program in Liniers. A fine program was presented, the La Plata Branch presenting them with a large bouquet of gladiolas. The program ended with a short talk by Elder Richards, translated by President Young. The other day Pedro Rodriquez blew up because we quit cottage meetings at the home of his wife and mother-in-law, and has challenged my inspiration and worthiness to be a missionary. So we will have a trial where he can present his accusations. He has been out of accord with the Presidency ever since I arrived here nearly a year ago, and greatly aspires to the Presidency of the Branch. On the first Sunday in January he bore his testimony and apologized to the Branch Presidency and the Branch for his past actions, but about three weeks later he was back in the same old rut.

23 February—Friday the 20th received a phone call from office saying that Pres. Young, Elder Brady, Apostle Stephen L. Richards and their wives would be out to La Plata the following afternoon. I received the best rooms in town for them and spent the rest of the time advising the people of their visit. Saturday at six the party arrived and I accompanied them to their hotel to rest until time for the Relief Society Bazaar at 8 PM. It was the 48th wedding anniversary of Apostle and Sister Richards, so during the program we gave them flowers and a cake. Peruvian students put on part of the program playing Peruvian music on guitars and mandolins. Later we held the sale and a dance. We made1.50 m/n. Got to bed at 1 AM after cleaning the place up. Sunday Pres. Young and Bro. Brady came for Priesthood meeting. At 10:00 we held a special conference for Apostle Richards. I conducted the meeting. On the stand were the six that came to visit and myself and the Branch choir. After the opening exercises the choir sand “Yo Sé que Vive Mi Señor.” Then I turned the meeting over to Pres. Young. He, on the advice of the apostle, called on Bro. Brady to speak, then Elder Marsh, then Sister Young, then Pres. Young. Then Apostle Richards asked the choir to sing another number. Then he spoke for about 45 minutes, Pres. Young interpreting. There are certain conditions existing in the Branch on which a certain amount of advice is necessary. If Apostle Richards had known about these conditions he could not have spoken better or more to the subject. I consider it beyond the shadow of a doubt an example of direct inspiration. After the meeting we took some photos and then I accompanied the party to look at some property that I had selected for the site of a chapel here. Then we went to Salvioli’s to eat dinner. After diner we drove to the hospital and Bro. Brady, Pres, Young, Apostle Richards and I went in to see Dora Lencina who was operated on for appendicitis. Then they left for the city and I came home. That evening we had present Bros. Gonzales and Stangelini. I conducted the meeting. Now we’re preparing for the General Conference.

5 March—On Monday March 1, we held District Missionary Meeting. Present were Elders Wright and Fitzpatrick from Quilmes and Elders Bruce, Ogden, Marsh, Williams, Haren and myself. We met at 8PM and took a tour through the Swift Packing Plant. Held our meeting in the Local in afternoon. Decided on winter policy for District. Less missionary participation in Branch affairs. More inactive direction on our part. In the evening we all went to B.A. to hear Perón speak on the occasion of the Argentine confiscation of the British Railroads. Perón was operated on for appendicitis that morning so didn’t show up and so we came home. Never saw such a crowd in my life. Wed. Night Marsh and I ate dinner in the Jockey Club Resort in Punta Lara with Bob Napp, an investigator who we hope to baptize in a short while.

13 March—At the cottage meeting at Bob Napp’s last Monday we consented to baptize him before the conference. Last night at Sister Pache’s cottage meeting, she also asked for baptism. Her daughter, Ñata, (who I was informed by her sister) is supposed to be in love with me. Sister Mazzuchi who has been more or less inactive for some time, paid $133 in back tithing. Results of a “heart to heart” chat we had with her. Pres. Young came out last week and we had a little meeting with Pedro Rodriguez. He received a gook talking to and made a few concessions, but I don’t think he was basically changed, and I’m afraid he’ll make more trouble for other Elders unless handled properly. We are practicing a trio “Blue Danube,” to accompany a waltz dance by Oscar Lavista and Delia Gaite for our part on the Conference Program.

21 March—Have had several interesting cottage meetings. Last Sunday was La Plata District Conference. Pres. & Sister Young were present. I conducted the conference and the Meeting of Officials. We made changes and put a missionary in charge of each district auxiliary organization. All the “Lios” in the Branch have now been cleaned up. Paco Rodrigues was admonished by Pres. Young and has reconciled himself to existing conditions and is taking an active part in the Church. Sister Mazzuchi also. Bro. Mancini, after another heart to heart talk, has resolved to do better and is helping us in his home where we will start cottage meetings for his sister tomorrow. Today was Quilmes Branch Conference. I spoke 15 or 20 minutes on the LDS Philosophy of love. Bro. Brady also spoke. Yesterday we had two baptisms in Punta Lara. Sister Pache, the mother of Ñata, with whom we have had meetings the last 8 months, and Roberto Napp, who we have known 7 months. They both should make very faithful and humble members. I was in charge of the baptismal services. Elders Marsh and Williams baptized and Elder Ogden and I confirmed. I gave a talk at first and a few words of council and blessing at the last, stating in the name of the Lord that these two persons would never apart themselves from the Church. The day before the baptism it rained torrents, and yesterday morning it rained a bit and presented a very threatening sky, but the afternoon cleared off and we were blessed with beautiful weather for the baptism. Today it rained torrents again, Alberto Calcagno and wife accompanied us to Quilmes.

1 April—The conference has come and gone. Thursday went to Liniers and held a dress rehearsal of our part of program for Saturday night. Friday attended banquet at Liniers. The Wednesday before I was in the Local at 8:00 pm packing my clothes to leave because I had received orders to transfer, when all the young folks of the Branch came in for a surprise farewell party. We sang songs and played games and then they asked me to lead the choir for the last time. Then tried to get me to make a speech. But since I knew I wouldn’t be able to control my emotions, I declined. It was just about like leaving home to have to leave La Plata. All the members and investigators came to be good personal friends. Ñata Pache called me aside in the conference and made me promise to write to her. Saturday held meetings of all mission auxiliary organizations after an asado at noon. That night was the variety program. Our number was last of the four presentations, and we were applauded to an encore. The stage setting was a garden scene with a background of a river. For the river we used a piece of cloth with a fan under it to make it wave, and lighted it with a blue light. Bro. Williams, Polo DeAngelis and I sang the Beautiful Blue Danube while Oscar Lavista and Delia Gaite danced a waltz. Sunday morning in conference our La Plata choir sang “Yo Se Que Vive Mi Señor, and in the afternoon, “Oh Señor Mi Cruz Levanto.” Received many compliments. The theme of the conference was the Book of Mormon and it was treated from many interesting angles. I stayed each evening in Bro. Brady’s house. Monday was the General Missionary meeting. 96 Elders present. Each one talked and bore his testimony. As we were instructed by Pres. Young to come to the meeting “fasting and praying.” Bro. Benny Mortensen, about the 80th Elder to speak, fainted while giving his speech. I spoke 54th, and was very much overcome by emotion. However, in answer to prayer, the Lord sustained me and gave me the strength to bear my testimony. I testified that my heart had been caused to burn within me on more than one occasion in the temple in answer to prayer, and by this the Lord did witness to me of the truthfulness of this work. Almost without exception every Elder spoke on humility. The Spirit of the Lord was plainly manifest and we could easily feel His influence-- many times being moved to tears by the testimonies of the Elders. It seems as though the Lord put into the mind of each Elder the desire to speak on humility. There is a definite need for it in the mission, and we profited greatly by the instructions we received from the Lord. The meeting started at 10:15 AM and ended at 7:00 PM. Afterwards we broke our fast at the mission home with roast, beans, ice cream and cake. Tuesday I went to the Federal Police Station to find my passport. Was photographed and fingerprinted and it looks like I may soon be able to get the thing. The government has had it now for nine months trying to get the visa renewed. Ate dinner at noon with Alberto Calcagno and Polo De Angelis. Polo spent the afternoon with me. Alberto made me promise to meet him and Beba and Claudia in ten years even if we have to walk to Mexico to meet. Sunday of the conference I blessed their little girl, Claudia. Pres. Young and Elder Bruce assisting. Wednesday morning left for Cordoba, Villa Maria and Rio Cuarto. I take the place of Elder Larsen as Branch President of the Cordoba branch and district president. 18 members in the Cordoba branch and I hear there are plenty of “lios.” My new companions are Elder Russell Cannon, Sec’y of the District, Merriner Jones, and Lloyd Aston. There are two Elders in Villa Maria and four in Rio Cuarto.

22 June—With almost three months in Cordoba, I now am more or less familiar with the situation. At my fist opportunity Elder Cannon and I traveled to Villa Maria and Rio Cuarto to look the situation over and see how things in the District are set up. Elders had been in Villa Maria for three months and were living in a boarding house. Small Branch is organized in Rio Cuarto. They have three primaries–one with about 100 children in regular attendance. Bro. Jones and I then made a trip to Atos Pampa in the district of Kalamuchita. A family of German immigrants just moved there, baptized in Bremmen about a year ago. Husband, wife and three children–very fine family. The 15th of May we all went to Rio Cuarto for their Branch Conference and a District Elder’s meeting. Pres. & Sister Young, 2nd Counselor Stott, and Sec’y Brammer from B.A. Pres. Young conducted first part of Elder’s meeting and I the second. We all bore our testimonies and later I discussed missionary problems with the Elders. Conference lasted three hours. I gave an extemporaneous talk. Sunday morning we all left for Cordoba. Bro. Cannon and I riding with Pres. Young. Arrived at 1 PM. Had dinner, an officials meeting and Branch Conference. I conducted, Pres. Young gave a very interesting and moving talk. On the 14th of June we all traveled to Villa Maria to the Monthly Elder’s meeting of the District. The Elders there have found a new Local and their Branch will open officially July 10. Listened to a report and testimony from each Elder, then discussed problems and gave general instruction in missionary spirit and attitude. Have had quite a bit of trouble with Elder Cannon, as we haven’t been able to get along well together. Things got so bad that I was ready to ask Pres. Young to move him out of the District. June 3 we had another quarrel and in the end decided that instead of writing to Pres. we would ask the Lord to help us. Went to the back room by ourselves and Elder Cannon broke into tears. About 20 minutes later, when he had gotten hold of himself, we both knelt in prayer. Elder Cannon prayed first, and then I. My prayer was–if I remember it correctly–“Dear Father, Hear my prayer. Bless Bro Cannon and I that we may be the best of friends. May Thy will be done concerning us. I ask in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.” I then asked Bro. Cannon to forgive me of any offenses that I might have committed against him and openly forgave him of all that had been disagreeable to me. He then burst into tears again. When he could speak again, he told me of his childhood–home life, and school life, so that I may know his problem in subjecting himself to authority and getting along with people, and asked me to help him better his condition. I then asked him about his family and he told me that his father was seriously ill. So before we left for bed we prayed together for the health of his father. The other day Cannon received a letter from home saying that his father was better and up and around now. Since that evening we have been the best of friends. His attitude has changed a lot and we cooperate much better in our work. And I feel to rejoice and thank the Lord that our prayers were heard, and that He is merciful and patient with His servants. Last Sunday Bro, Cannon and I again journeyed to Kalamuchita to visit the family Trefz. We had to walk almost 20 kilometers to reach their place as they live on the opposite side of the valley from the bus line. We had dinner with them and then administered to them the Sacrament, after which I gave a short talk and then bore my testimony. Then Bro. Cannon gave a talk to the children in German (they don’t speak Spanish) and then bore his testimony in Spanish. Bro. & Sister Trefz then talked–both in German for the benefit of the children. Also bore their testimonies. Although I couldn’t understand their language, I could certainly feel present the Spirit of the Lord, and was moved to tears when Bro. Trefz talked. We left Cordoba at 7AM and arrived back at 8 PM. When I arrived there were but two cottage meetings in progress–both with members. Now we have nine or ten weekly–another new one started last week with the family Forza. At the Branch conference the Sunday School, Mutual, Primary and a Branch Presidency were organized. I was sustained as President, with Elder Jones as Counselor. We also hold Priesthood meetings. Elder Cannon and I have just finished a tracking district and have two cottage meetings from it, and possible two more. Cordoba is the South American center of Catholicism, and our work is at best difficult. However, we feel blessed and guided by the Lord, and always pray that He may guide us to find the pure in heart and choose them out from among the wicked in this city.

13 July 1948—Saturday the 10th Bro. Cannon and I journeyed to Villa Maria for the formal opening of their Branch. Present were Elders Barnes and Bowman (Villa Maria), the missionary quartet–Sterling Stott, Benny Mortensen, Brant Curtiss, Elder Rees and Leland Wakeland. The local was dedicated by Pres. Young. In the meeting I gave a 20 minute talk on the position of our Church in the Christian world. About 50 people were present. Very spiritual meeting. Afterwards left for Cordoba and found hotel accommodations for the President’s party. Next morning we had Sunday School. At 3 PM an Elder’s meeting. Present were the afore mentioned Elders and Elders Clark and Hepworth from Rio Cuarto–15 in all. After the Pres. gave a few remarks he called on me to speak. I related our activities, counseled the Elders to hold a gospel conversation at the home of each investigator that they visit, and then bore my testimony. The rest of the Elders then expressed their thoughts and bore their testimonies. A very fine spirit was present. It was a pleasant meeting. Pres. Young and I talked in the Priesthood meeting that followed. Then I conducted the General District Conference–subject, Restoration of Israel. Speakers, Bro. Jones from Rio Cuarto, the Return of the Jews; Elder Barnes; the Restoration of Ephraim; Elder Clark, the Restoration yet future. Pres & Sister Young also spoke. The quartet furnished the music. 178 people were in attendance–one of the largest crowds that has ever attended a meeting here. At 10:30 the Quartet sang for 25 minutes over radio station LV-2 Radio central de Cordoba. They treated us very fine and gave us very good propaganda over the air. In one theater Sunday and Monday a travelogue of Salt Lake City and the Mormons was shown. Today the picture “Sons of God” is playing. The Pres. has given me permission to rent a new house if we can find one. We are on a dirt street and the location is not too good.