Birthday Tribute

Now here's a man named Clay Gorton, that's true,

A man that can't live with nothing to do.

He flies through the air with the greatest of ease

Then comes back to earth with nary a wheeze.

He writes book after book to tell us what's right,

Then, with nothing to do, he reads through the night.

He's available to help all who just ask,

And won't stop working till he has finished his task.

He lives for his family, his country, his maker and

He spits in the eye of Satan and the undertaker.

Now that he has reached the venerable age of 85 plus,

We "senior citizens" can claim him, he is one of us!

Keep on truckin' Clay, don't ever quit,

We all need your friendship, your "git up 'n git"

Happy birthday today and many years more,

And may God give you his blessings galore.


With all our love and affection, Elder & Sister Bahrt