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Coventry, Kent, Rhode Island


Latitude: 41.7000000, Longitude: -71.6833306


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ANDREWS, Edmund  9 Mar 1880Coventry, Kent, Rhode Island I39890
2 ANDREWS, Eunice Edith  16 Dec 1904Coventry, Kent, Rhode Island I39892
3 ANDREWS, Frank James  16 Aug 1907Coventry, Kent, Rhode Island I39897
4 ANDREWS, Luther Willard  15 Nov 1910Coventry, Kent, Rhode Island I39901
5 ANTHONY, Honorable Henry Bowen  1 Apr 1815Coventry, Kent, Rhode Island I15018
6 AVERY, Tabitha  Coventry, Kent, Rhode Island I25883
7 BOWEN, Amey Gorton  5 Feb 1797Coventry, Kent, Rhode Island I15550
8 BOWEN, Ann Elizabeth  30 Jun 1827Coventry, Kent, Rhode Island I15545
9 BOWEN, Anna  27 Jul 1806Coventry, Kent, Rhode Island I15567
10 BOWEN, Benjamin Earle  15 Jan 1801Coventry, Kent, Rhode Island I15562
11 BOWEN, Caleb Hill  10 Oct 1804Coventry, Kent, Rhode Island I15566
12 BOWEN, Edwin E.  2 May 1809Coventry, Kent, Rhode Island I15537
13 BOWEN, Elizabeth  26 May 1781Coventry, Kent, Rhode Island I12600
14 BOWEN, Isaac Gardner  19 Feb 1805Coventry, Kent, Rhode Island I15531
15 BOWEN, Israel M.  27 Jan 1812Coventry, Kent, Rhode Island I15522
16 BOWEN, Jabez  7 Jan 1803Coventry, Kent, Rhode Island I15564
17 BOWEN, James Gorton  21 Mar 1800Coventry, Kent, Rhode Island I15514
18 BOWEN, John C.  18 May 1796Coventry, Kent, Rhode Island I15511
19 BOWEN, Lydia  5 Feb 1797Coventry, Kent, Rhode Island I15549
20 BOWEN, Mercy Rice  14 Apr 1813Coventry, Kent, Rhode Island I15539
21 BOWEN, Nathan M.  5 Sep 1823Coventry, Kent, Rhode Island I15544
22 BOWEN, Oliver  7 Oct 1808Coventry, Kent, Rhode Island I15569
23 BOWEN, Polly C.  20 Sep 1803Coventry, Kent, Rhode Island I15530
24 BOWEN, Polly Clark  22 Aug 1806Coventry, Kent, Rhode Island I15533
25 BOWEN, Ruby Hill  Coventry, Kent, Rhode Island I15540
26 BOWEN, Sabra Pearce  13 Jul 1806Coventry, Kent, Rhode Island I15518
27 BOWEN, Samuel Dorrence  12 Apr 1819Coventry, Kent, Rhode Island I15542
28 BOWEN, Samuel Gorton  8 Jun 1794Coventry, Kent, Rhode Island I15509
29 BOWEN, Sarah Ann  5 Oct 1801Coventry, Kent, Rhode Island I15528
30 BOWEN, Thomas Brown  8 May 1791Coventry, Kent, Rhode Island I15150
31 BOWEN, Tully Dorrence  7 Jan 1808Coventry, Kent, Rhode Island I15535
32 BOWEN, William Gorton  14 Aug 1799Coventry, Kent, Rhode Island I15526
33 COLEGROVE, Welthian  1743Coventry, Kent, Rhode Island I60028
34 FENNER, Arthur  11 Jul 1830Coventry, Kent, Rhode Island I23986
35 GORTON, Abbie Etta  Coventry, Kent, Rhode Island I20791
36 GORTON, Albert  10 Nov 1829Coventry, Kent, Rhode Island I14604
37 GORTON, Annie Bell  2 Sep 1880Coventry, Kent, Rhode Island I20789
38 GORTON, Benjamin  30 Jun 1805Coventry, Kent, Rhode Island I12130
39 GORTON, Casey Whitford  11 Oct 1829Coventry, Kent, Rhode Island I14405
40 GORTON, Freddie  19 Jan 1877Coventry, Kent, Rhode Island I20787
41 GORTON, George  17 Jan 1828Coventry, Kent, Rhode Island I12325
42 GORTON, George Cleveland  20 May 1885Coventry, Kent, Rhode Island I20781
43 GORTON, George Herman  20 May 1913Coventry, Kent, Rhode Island I39907
44 GORTON, Grace Mary  20 Apr 1878Coventry, Kent, Rhode Island I20788
45 GORTON, Herbert  Coventry, Kent, Rhode Island I20786
46 GORTON, Israel  1799Coventry, Kent, Rhode Island I12067
47 GORTON, Jennie Frances  30 Jun 1883Coventry, Kent, Rhode Island I20780
48 GORTON, Luther  9 Nov 1836Coventry, Kent, Rhode Island I14408
49 GORTON, Luther Charles  16 Jul 1923Coventry, Kent, Rhode Island I39912
50 GORTON, Phebe  5 Nov 1791Coventry, Kent, Rhode Island I18076

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ARNOLD, Betsy Gorton  27 Oct 1855Coventry, Kent, Rhode Island I15495
2 BOWEN, Polly C.  23 Aug 1805Coventry, Kent, Rhode Island I15530
3 BURLINGAME, Roger  13 Dec 1765Coventry, Kent, Rhode Island I34758
4 CARR, Benjamin  10 Jun 1804Coventry, Kent, Rhode Island I10852
5 FENNER, Jeremiah  12 Feb 1789Coventry, Kent, Rhode Island I17391
6 GORTON, Benjamin  12 May 1865Coventry, Kent, Rhode Island I12130
7 GORTON, Freddie  19 Sep 1878Coventry, Kent, Rhode Island I20787
8 GORTON, Israel  20 Nov 1872Coventry, Kent, Rhode Island I12067
9 GORTON, Joseph  6 Jun 1864Coventry, Kent, Rhode Island I967
10 GREENE, Andrea  7 Apr 1763Coventry, Kent, Rhode Island I12970
11 GREENE, Audrey  7 Apr 1763Coventry, Kent, Rhode Island I18978
12 GREENE, Caleb  Coventry, Kent, Rhode Island I42502
13 GREENE, Jacob  1809Coventry, Kent, Rhode Island I1859
14 GREENE, Margaret  13 Dec 1802Coventry, Kent, Rhode Island I8284
15 GREENE, Phebe  1862Coventry, Kent, Rhode Island I13601
16 GREENE, Rowland  1852Coventry, Kent, Rhode Island I18469
17 GREENE, Sally  28 Aug 1867Coventry, Kent, Rhode Island I18477
18 HOWLAND, Mercy  26 Sep 1824Coventry, Kent, Rhode Island I11940
19 JERAULD, Freelove  4 Oct 1823Coventry, Kent, Rhode Island I12488
20 JOHNSON, Elisha  Abt 1774Coventry, Kent, Rhode Island I1934
21 JOHNSON, Elkannah  1748Coventry, Kent, Rhode Island I2078
22 LOW, Stephen Jr.  3 Dec 1810Coventry, Kent, Rhode Island I13465
23 REMINGTON, Daniel  30 Jun 1815Coventry, Kent, Rhode Island I12468
24 RICE, Caleb  13 May 1821Coventry, Kent, Rhode Island I12489
25 RICE, Randall  Abt 1742Coventry, Kent, Rhode Island I1606
26 SUMMER, Benjamin Z.  31 Jan 1811Coventry, Kent, Rhode Island I13739
27 WARNER, Anne E.  14 Aug 1790Coventry, Kent, Rhode Island I60016
28 WATERMAN, Captain John Jr.  1751Coventry, Kent, Rhode Island I10500
29 WATERMAN, Susan  21 Sep 1832Coventry, Kent, Rhode Island I15751
30 WATSON, Isabella D.  31 Mar 1888Coventry, Kent, Rhode Island I15612
31 WHALEY, Samual  1782Coventry, Kent, Rhode Island I2137


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BROWN / BOWEN  19 May 1796Coventry, Kent, Rhode Island F6254
2 CHASE / GREENE  19 Nov 1807Coventry, Kent, Rhode Island F6800
3 GORTON / CARR  13 Jun 1824Coventry, Kent, Rhode Island F6005
4 GREENE / HOWLAND  23 Feb 1769Coventry, Kent, Rhode Island F5948
5 HOWARD / CLARK  14 Feb 1776Coventry, Kent, Rhode Island F14046
6 ROUSE / GORTON  29 Jun 1788Coventry, Kent, Rhode Island F5447